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Waterproof function of membrane switch panel

Some of the common membrane switches in production and life have good effects in terms of waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof. So what are the characteristics of a membrane switch with strong waterproof performance? In other words, we want to know what substance can make the membrane switch work normally in the presence of rain? Let’s start to understand.

The main feature of the waterproof membrane switch is to coat a waterproof insulating layer on the conductive circuit so that the conductive circuit does not directly contact the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. In addition, no through holes are opened within 5mm of the upper and lower circuit surfaces from the conductive lines, and the interlayer vent holes are not communicated with the outside world. Thereby, the decrease in insulation resistance of the conductive circuit caused by the moisture absorption of the adhesive layer is improved, and the condition of the impregnation and penetration of moisture inside the circuit is improved. Therefore, it has the advantages of better waterproof and moisture-proof performance.


The membrane switch with strong waterproof performance has the following characteristics: it is made of high-performance waterproof material, so that the product can be used in 95% humid environment. Don’t worry about rain at all, and can be used in harsh environment.

The above is the introduction of the waterproof membrane switch by the membrane switch manufacturer. If you need to customize the waterproof membrane switch, please feel free to contact us.