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Storage method of membrane switch

  1. The front and back of the membrane switch are covered with a layer of transparent film. This layer of transparent film is to ensure that the display window of the membrane switch is not scratched, so don’t tear them off easily.

2.A layer of bubble film should be sandwiched between the membrane switch when packaging, mainly to reduce the pressure of the button, and to avoid failure when pressed for a long time during transportation.

3.Take out part of the membrane switch from the original packaging and use it, and wrap the rest as it is, not too tightly.

4.Products with metal shrapnel and hot-pressed convex package should be placed upright when packing to prevent the key from being pressed for a long time and causing the hand feel to fail.

5.The outlet position of the membrane switch should be protected, and the outlet cannot be placed downward.

6.Products with visible windows or products with metal shrapnel and hot-pressed protruding packages should prevent the material from bending and leaving unrecoverable creases when holding and placing.

7.When the membrane switch is in use, the surface should be kept clean and not swollen. Before and after use,it should be cleaned and properly dust-proof and oil-proof.

8.When the membrane switch is stored in a room at room temperature, it must be dust-proof and moisture-proof, and pay attention to whether there are acidic, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air.

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