Current position:
Tiantai Electronics customizes various types of membrane switches and graphic overlay

The whole process of customizing membrane switch buttons and graphic overlay:


1,The customer contacts and provides drawings or samples such as ACAD/CAD, an the drawings are determined by the business department and the customer.


2, The business department passes the information provided by the customer to the engineering department, which will study the design plan, draft, typeset, and proofread the film, and the hand the film to the production department.


3, After getting the film, the production department arranges the screen printing workshop to stretch the screen, make a plate, adjust the ink, screen printing, dry, and clean the screen to make screen printing products.


4, After receiving the film, the stamping department manufactures contour punching, rubber inter layer molds and press drum molds.


5, The assembly department presses the drum, trims the edge, cuts the line layer, punches, cuts the glue layer inter layer, veneer and cleans.


6, After assembling, the product is handed over to the quality inspection department for quality inspection and testing in accordance with the processing order. Ensure that the product 100% passes.


7, The products are packaged and delivered to the business department according to different methods of customers.