Digitally printed overlays front panel graphic overlay with 3M9495 adhesive

Digitally printed overlays front panel graphic overlay with 3M9495 adhesive

Digital printing is an excellent manufacturing technique for complex designs with gradient effects, large numbers of colors, 

or small production volumes. It is also a great method to produce a graphic overlay prototype without investing in significant

tooling or set up costs. We use digital printing to make custom graphic overlays and labels on substrates such as polycarbonate 

and PET.Digital Printing Graphic Overlays are extremely weather, scratch resistant and UV resistant stickers. Graphic Overlays are 

printed on the subsurface, so the inks are protected from scratches, scuffs and fading. It can be chemical, moisture, shatter and 

scratch and scuff resistant.


The more common graphic overlay materials include Lexan Polycarbonate(PC), Polyester(PET), Vinyl(PVC).
Temperature RangesMaximum temperature ranges from 60°C (140°F) to 125°C (257°F).
Thickness0.125mm, 0.175mm, 0.25mm, 0.38mm,  0.50mm,Commonly used is 250 microns thickness.
Printing ColorCMYK Full Color Printing plus white ink printing/silkscreen printing
Back Adhesive3M9495,3M9448A, 3M467MP, 3M468MP, 3M9080, 3M9075, 3M200MP, 3M200LSE, 3M300LSE, 3MVHB and Nitto Adhesive etc.


  1. Clear Windows for Displays or Indicator Lights, Transparent Windows, Adhesive-free Windows, Tinted Windows;

  2. The clear finish is desirable for panel front overlays with LED or LCD displays.3.Transparent and tinted windows and graphics for backlighting for LCDs, LEDs and other displays.

Custom ShapesA digital printed graphic overlay can be die cut to fit any of your products.

Custom Feature

  • Digitally Printed Graphic Overlays are available in a clear, glossy, velvet, embossed, debossed, brushed finish or chrome effects.

  • Texture or selectively textured finishes can be added to the surface of a digital printed graphic overlay.

  • Adhesive or selective adhesive can be added for simple application.

  • Combination of matte and gloss finish.

  • Custom Embossing.

  • Tinted Windows.

  • Dead Front.

Digital Printing Finishing and Assembly Services

Our team of technical printing experts collaborates closely with customers to determine the best processes for their image requirements, as well as the best form and fit for secondary services. Our secondary digital printing services include CNC routing, plot and die cutting, and edge and shape contouring for creating clean, finished components. Plus, our press capabilities allow us to hot and cold laminate, contour cut, and stitch/hem full-color prints, as well as add adhesives and protective premasks or application maskings.