Glossy PET material graphic overlay control panel faceplate for massage equipment

Glossy PET material graphic overlay control panel faceplate for massage equipment

A graphic overlay, sometimes called a nameplate, is a printed graphic surface that is placed over top of the internal electronics of a product. 

The overlay serves multiple purposes. First, it protects the sensitive materials and components from environmental conditions and wear and tear. 

Second, and just as important, it provides a clean, intuitive experience for the user to operate the device.

Graphic Overlay Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Overlay Materials Advising

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Color Control and Exact Graphic Matching

  • In-House Embossing

  • Gaskets, Lenses and Windows

  • Adhesives

  • Perfect Finishing

  • Inspection and Testing

Graphic Overlay Materials: Polycarbonate vs. Polyester

Design Mark offers a variety of overlay materials with thickness ranging from 7 mil to 30 mil. 

Selecting the graphic overlay material depends on the end user application and the environment in which it will be used, including exposure to sunlight and chemicals. 

Cost is also a consideration. Polycarbonate and polyester are the most commonly used materials for graphic overlays.

Polycarbonate overlays – Polycarbonate overlays are easy to die cut, print, and texture. 

However, they may show signs of wear after 100,000 actuations. If the environment is subject to chemicals, a hard coat should be used for protection. 

Polycarbonate overlays are optically clear at any thickness and provide a crisper emboss. 

Polycarbonate is lower in cost than polyester. Most users prefer the look of polycarbonate overlays versus polyester.

Polyester (PET) graphic overlays – This material is thinner and more resilient. It shows no sign of wear after 1,000,000 actuations. 

It also has superior resistance to chemicals and harsh environments. Polyester is more expensive than polycarbonate. 

(This material is perfect for industrial and military graphic overlays.)


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