Capacitive touch switch sensitive switch membrane keypads

Capacitive touch switch sensitive switch membrane keypads

A capacitive membrane switch is a touch sensitive switch that activates when the user makes contact with the sensor. 

The membrane switch uses capacitive sensing technology to perform the functions of a traditional membrane switch with a simple, light touch.

One of the main advantages of capacitive touch membrane switches is that there are no moving mechanical components 

that undergo thousands of actuation cycles like metal domes in traditional membrane switches. 

This key advantage significantly extends the life of the product and makes it much more durable than its traditional alternative. 

The overlay material can be glass, acrylic, polyester, or polycarbonate. 

The smooth top surface allows for quick wipe downs and is able to withstand harsh chemicals.

Mechanical Structure of a Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch


How does it work?

Induction capacitance exists between any two conductive objects. 

A key, namely a solder pad can also constitute an induction capacitance with the ground. 

The value of the induction capacitance is a small fixed value under the condition that the surrounding environment remains unchanged. 

A tension is normally applied on the four angles of the panel and it is uniformly widespread on all the surface of the screen; 

When human fingers are close to the touch button, the inductive capacitance formed by human fingers 

and the ground will increase the value of the total inductive capacitance. 

Capacitive touch key IC will output a certain signal when it detects that the inductive capacitance value of a key has changed. 

As there is no mechanical structure for the capacitive touch key, all the detection is a small change in the electric quantity, 

so it is more sensitive to all kinds of interference. 

Therefore, the design of the sensor and the selection of touch IC are very critical.

Topflight capacitive touch switches can be produced in polyester or other film materials, 

and they allow a wide freedom to the designer for any type of graphic solutions and for a backlighting of great impact and effect. 

When you order your custom capacitive switch from Flexkys, it ships complete with the sensor circuit, decorative graphics and your desired touch surface. 

We can also provide your capacitive switch with or without the front panels.