Silver flexible membrane switch panel keypad for fitness quipment

Silver flexible membrane switch panel keypad for fitness quipment 

A membrane switch is a touch sensitive device created by the printing, cutting and laminating of precision thin film plastic materials. 

Low-voltage, low-current momentary electrical contact is made and retained by applying finger-tip force to the front surface of the switch.

Membrane switches are primarily utilized with microprocessor based control systems found in  fitness quipments, medical, communication, instrumentation and appliance products.

Silver Flex membrane switch panels utilize screen-printed silver and carbon conductive inks printed on flexible polyester layers separated by an adhesive spacer. 

This is the most common design used in flexible, custom membrane keypads, offering a slim, space-saving design.

Silver Flex membrane switches offer you a variety of design options: 

  • Tactile and non-tactile with either metal or polyester tactile domes

  • Embedded LED’s

  • Fiber Optic backlighting

  • EL (Electroluminescent) backlighting

  • Rigid backers such as aluminum and FR4

  • EMI/RFI shielding

  • Standard connectors on .100″ centers, or prepared for ZIF connections

Additionally, a Silver Flex membrane switch uses a graphic overlay, which also has a number of design options:

  • Digital printing, screen-printing, or a combination of both

  • Pillow or rim embossing

  • Transparent and/or tinted display windows

  • Selective textures

  • UV hard-coat surface finishes