Copper flex membrane switches with LED light for washing machines

Copper flex membrane switches with LED light for washing machines

Copper Flex membrane switch panels can be produced using polyester or polyimide (Kapton) as the base material, depending on your interface requirements.

A very thin sheet of copper is laminated to the flexible film substrate then chemically etched away, leaving copper traces. 

The etching process is not environmentally friendly due to the chemicals used, 

and is also more expensive than screen printing the silver traces used in Silver Flex membrane switches. 

Advantages of copper flex membrane switch keypads:

Copper flex membrane switch keypads are ideal for smaller designs where dense circuit patterns or trace routing limitations exist. 

This design also allows the ability to accommodate the complex circuit patterns of a FR4 rigid printed circuit board with the flexibility of a membrane switch. 

Copper Flex keypads also have the advantage of being able to hard solder active and passive components into the assembly, 

making it a good choice in high-vibration, high-reliability environments.

Difference of Copper Flex Membrane Switch keypad and Silver Flex membrane switch keypad


Silver Flex  Copper Flex
Printing vs. EtchingConductive silver ink traces are screen printed onto the film substrate.A sheet of copper is chemically etched away, leaving conductive traces. More expensive than screen printing.


Resistivity approx 50 mOhms/sq

1mm x 80 mm trace = 4 Ohms

0.5mm x 80mm trace = 8 Ohms

Lower electrical resistance and higher conductivity

PriceLow to ModerateExpensive to very expensive 
SolderingNo. Components are attached with conductive adhesiveAbility to solder active and passive components into the switch design
PitchMinimum of 1.0mm Possible pitch 0.5mm and 0.3mm for ZIF connector