Silicone rubber membrane keypad switch with copper FPC Circuit

Silicone rubber membrane keypad switch with copper  FPC Circuit

Structure: Silicone Rubber Keypad + Rubber Adhesive + Dome Retainer + Switch Spacer + Double SIded Copper FPC + Rear Adhesive;

Silicone Keypad Spec.: translucent silicone, spraying black, printing white, surface with matt clear PU coating;

Rubber silicone keypad switches type

1) Rubber keypad + silver printed PET circuit;

2) Rubber keypad + copper flex FPC circuit;

3) Rubber keypad + PCB circuit;

4) Graphic overlay + rubber keypad + PET/FPC/PCB circuit;

FPC membrane switches can be constructed as:

Single-sided – conductive traces one side copper of the film substrate

Double-sided – conductive traces both sides copper of the film substrate

Rigid-Flex – a laminated combination of a Copper Flex switch with a rigid FR4 PCB membrane switch 


Why need rubber silicone keypad switches? 

As we know the common membrane switch is usually use PET and PC film as the graphic overlay. 

The product can be very thin, usually less than 1mm. 

But sometimes many customers design their product to be rubber keypad switches. 

Because of that rubber can give users a very good touch feeling. 

In addition, rubber keypads can make carbon pills on the backside of the buttons, the carbon 

pills are conductive, then it can be combined with PCB circuit very easily. 

We only need make the gold plated conductive pads on the PCB,then assemble the rubber keypad with PCB, 

when you press the buttons, the carbon pills will connected to the gold pads, then trigger function.

The rubber keypad switches also can achieve the backlighting easily. 

As we know the rubber raw material usually is translucent. It is light through. 

After painted we wanted colors on the rubber, we only need laser etch the backlit symbols and letters,

then the LED light from the backside of PCB or membrane circuit can be through the etched area out to get the backlit effect. 

Rubber is easy to clean, so once the keypad is contaminated you can clean it very easily. 

Rubber keypad's press life also is very high. At least 1,000,000 times above. 

It is very durable and not easy damaged. 

So the rubber keypad switches are widely used in machinery, industrial manufacturing, vending machine,

dirty and oil contamination environment and others.