LED membrane switch with rigid support layer

LED membrane switch with rigid support layer

LEDs are used primarily as indicator lights, and are a popular, low-cost, point-source lighting method. 

Embedded LED’s emit very little heat, and come in a variety of colors including red, yellow, green, blue, white, and bi-color lamp packages. 

Various intensities are available, some of which are especially designed for viewing in outdoor environments.

Surface mount LEDs can be bonded into our polyester switch constructions, which provide a reliable, cost effective light source. 

An even greater variety of lamp packages can be used in PCB Membrane Switches and Copper Flex Membrane Switches, 

and can be through-hole soldered, which enhances durability.

Other features of LED backlighting include:

1.Reliability and long life – typically more than 100,000 hours

2.Low cost

3.Efficient power consumption, operating on low voltages

4.Available in a wide variety of colors, intensities, and lamp packages

Rigid Support Layer – This optional layer can add structural integrity to the membrane switch assembly. 

Materials can be aluminum, FR-4, steel, etc. Mounting hardware such as studs and standoffs can also be utilized in this layer.

An electrical switch assembly comprising:

a substantially rigid front panel;a membrane switch positioned behind the front panel in contact with the front panel, 

the membrane switch providing a plurality of spatially separated switch elements; anda backer plate positioned 

behind the membrane switch in contact with the membrane switch at a rear surface of the membrane switch;

wherein a space between the front panel and the rear surface of the membrane switch is substantially free 

of structure confining deflection of the front panel to an area of the switch.