Flexible printed circuit membrane sensor switches 2

Flexible printed circuit membrane sensor switches

The most generally accepted definition of a Flexible Printed Circuit is a pattern of conductive traces laminated or printed on a flexible substrate. 

At Central Midori we specialize in selectively applying polymer materials using precision screen printing onto flexible substrate.

The manufacturing technology is by nature “additive” which means that no material is removed during the production process 

as opposed to “subtractive”when circuits are formed by etching a metal foil (normally made of copper). 

With additive flexible printed circuits, conductors are typically printed with silver or carbon ink.

Multi-layer circuits can be produced either by printing crossovers or silver-through-hole to provide an electrical connection between the top and bottom surfaces.

Components are mounted using conductive adhesive. 

Besides simplicity and low cost our technology has a very low environmental impact with no chemical etching and plating processes.


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