Rubber silicone rubber keypad membrane switch 

Rubber silicone rubber keypad membrane switch 

Membrane switches incorporate silicone-rubber keypads to improve the aesthetic look and feel of a switch. 

Designs have a large variety of effects from embossed and debossed features, printed text, painted icons, backlighting and even rocker/toggle actuators. 

Polyurethane, epoxy and UV coatings available can protect keypads from the environment and abuse.

The keypad utilizes a variety of contact systems ranging from carbon pills, to gold pills, to actuating tactile metal domes in a membrane-switch assembly. 

Mounting methods used to apply the rubber actuator to the switch may vary. 

One simple method of mounting rubber actuator is double-sided pressure-sensitivesilicone-rubber adhesive. 

This is applied to a carrier on one side, and the applicable mounting adhesive is applied to the other. 

Another mounting method includes a simple pull-through molded into the rubber itself. 

The pull-through is then “pulled” through a printed circuit board substrate, 

where an interference fit secures the rubber component to the assembly.