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Capacitive touch membrane switch

A capacitive membrane switch is a touch sensitive switch that activates when the user makes contact with the sensor. The membrane switch uses capacitive sensing technology to perform the functions of a traditional membrane switch with a simple, light touch.

Capacitive touch membrane switches offer great design flexibility, durability, and a sleek appearance. The technology in this style membrane switches use conductive carbon printed circuitry to create an electrical field. When a human finger touches the key, an increase in the capacitance is recognized by the IC, which activates the output of the key.

Advantages of Capacitive Touch Membrane Switches

Sleek Appearance
Robustness and Durability
Ease of Maintenance
Flexibility in Customization
Light Touch Activation
Scroll and Slider Designs
Multi Touch Capability
Curved Interface Design
Flexibility in Functions and Communication Interfaces
Backlighting Options

Applications Using Capacitive Touch Technology

Medical Devices
Portable Devices
Consumer Electronics
Personal Computer
More Durable Than Traditional Membrane Switches
One of the main advantages of capacitive touch membrane switches is that there are no moving mechanical components that undergo thousands of actuation cycles like metal domes in traditional membrane switches. This key advantage significantly extends the life of the product and makes it much more durable than its traditional alternative. The overlay material can be glass, acrylic, polyester, or polycarbonate. The smooth top surface allows for quick wipe downs and is able to withstand harsh chemicals. These advantages make this solution extremely appealing for medical applications. We utilize our proven design techniques to completely seal the perimeter of the membrane switch from moisture, dust, and other environmental contaminants.

►structure presentation

►Normal materials

Front panel 
1.Front panel materials
The panel must be made of insulating materials, such as glass, PC, PET, acrylic, etc. No metal is allowed within the key position. The metal within 50mm of the touch key must be grounded, otherwise the metal will affect the sensitivity of the key. In the production process, we need maintain the panel material and thickness unchanged, the panel surface coating must be used by insulation paint material.
2.Front panel thickness
To ensure the sensitivity of the keys, the thickness of the panel should be set between 0.2 and 4mm.
3.Double sided adhesive(we can also printing glue as adhesive)
Normally, the sensor is attached to the panel by double-sided adhesive. 3M 468 or OCA type glue can be used.

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