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PCB & FPC membrane keypad

What is A Flex Circuit Membrane Switch?

A Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) membrane switch is a type of user interface that utilizes flexible printed circuits as the key component. Compared with traditional membrane switches by using the silver paste printed flex as the circuit layer, the FPC membrane switch is made from Polyimide copper etched FPC circuits.

Copper Flex Membrane Keypads, also known as Copper Flex Printed Circuit Membrane Switches, are essential input devices in the electronics industry. They are designed to offer a user-friendly interface for a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial machinery. Because FPC circuit structure membrane switch is made by flex circuit board, it has high precision, low resistance value and more stable circuit function.

Advantages of Flex Circuit Membrane SwitchFPC membrane switches offer several advantages, making them a popular choice for various applications. Here are some of the key benefits of using FPC membrane switches:
•Lower electrical resistance and higher conductivity
•Achieve a much finer trace width
•Endure High-temperature
•Ability to withstand bending, creasing, and vibration
•SMT technology & smaller designs

PCB Membrane Switch

When the circuit used in the membrane switch design is a printed circuit board (PCB) you’ll see the unit called a PCB membrane switch.  PCB switches provide many valuable options for product designs and functionality. We’ll help you create quality membrane switches to meet the needs of your product. Quality design and function are important.

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