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Graphic overlay

What the graphic overlay is?

Graphic overlays, also known as front panels, are an element of masking controllers or other electronic devices. The front panel consists of two layers: 

1.   Overlay – transparent overlay made of polyester PET or polycarbonate PC, printed on the underside with graphical inks

2.   Special adhesive layer – adhesive layer fastening the product to the device, keypad or panel. 

Application of graphic overlay 

We use graphic overlay for embossing switch and decorating, marking all buttons, knobs or for describing other elements of the device. The use of front panels in the production of electronic devices allows to easily adjust them to our needs or technology used in the device.
Moreover we can freely design openings, plug in bags, display windows, semi-transparent placement or color filters. In our manufacture plant there are the most modern lasers available, so there is no problem to cut the shape of the foil perfectly fit into the device.

Screen Printing

Since screen printing is such a versatile type of printing, there are many industries which use this technique. For most of our projects, screen printing allows us to print on any thickness of plastic which is perfect for plastic molding. Not only can we print on plastic, we also have the ability to screen print on a variety of substrates including vinyl and metal. Colors are printed one at a time and can be matched to a pantone color specification (PMS) or to a customer supplied sample.
While set-up times for screen printing projects can be lengthy and require printing a single color one step at a time, there are plenty of advantages which make screen printing one of our most common printing options. A few of those advantages are:
  • Cost effective for certain volumes
  • Excellent color matching capability
  • Unique and vivid visual results
  • Durable inks
  • Ability to emboss, for texture, over mechanical keys
  • Great for outdoor and indoor
  • UV protection for outdoor use
  • Print on a large variety of materials & objects

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